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"From The Ground Up / How To Shoot In The 70's"



Table of Contents
  Table of Contents
Chapter One:  The Elements
  The Grip
  Element #1 (The Lower Body)
  Drill #1 (The Lower Body Turn)
  Element #2 (The Shoulder Turn) 
  Drill #2 (The Shoulder Turn)
  Element #3 (The Arms)
  Drill #3
  Safeguards and Checkpoints for Drills
  The Other Grip (About the Golf Grip)
  Introduction to Styles
Chapter Two:  The Styles
  How to Start Your Swing
  Timing Synchronization
  A Physics Lesson
  Other Swing Thoughts
  Setup and Routine
  Alignment and Ball Placement
Chapter Three:  The Short Game
  The Short Game Drill
  Applying the Short Game Drill to Real Life (Distance Control)
Chapter Four:  Putting
  How To Read Greens
  Putting Drill
Chapter Five:  The Sand
Chapter Six:  About Golf Clubs
Chapter Seven:  Rules, Etiquette Ethics and Speed of Play
Contents of this E-Book are Copyright © 2000-2001. Author Miles P. Bryant/© 1998-2001 /
This E-Book is the property of the Publisher DBirung. Copyright © 1998-2001. All Rights Reserved.  Permission is granted to distribute this E-Book freely as long no changes are made.